Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another long time between posts......

I know, I know. Why have a blog if you ain't goin' blog. I've got a lot on my plate. First and foremost, I'm recovering from a shoulder injury. The kid is misbehaving. The planets have not aligned yet. I still have not processed the Red Sox getting bounced out of the playoffs. Okay, okay, so I've been lazy. Here......here is your stinkin' post. Look......pictures.

Jake spots the allusive Kristel Finch

"Smile Jake" (Take 72)

A relate to the Famous Janesville Cow. Found outside a Cheese Shop in Michigan.
Mmmmmm, cheese.

Jake gettin' ready for Army. (AD reference anybody?)

Random Butterfly

Jake spotting the really allusive Phil Finch

Jake.....down for the count.

Random Flower

Kristel floating on the water

Jake learnin' 'bout cow parts.

If'n you don't like my captions, make your own. The most cleverest one gets nothing.


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