Sunday, March 22, 2009

THAT'S THE BIGGEST BIRD I'VE EVER SEEN....Seen....seen......seen!!!!

Would ya look at that bird.......WOW!

Hello peeps, We, and by we I mean Kristel, Shiloh, and I, went to a southwestern Allen county road to see some birds that were reported on the ol' IN List Serv. We couldn't stay too long cause Shiloh was gettin' restless, but we saw...

Tundra Swans.

This is about the only two picture that turned out at that site. We also saw a bunch of Ring billed gulls, Northern Shovelers, and a huge flock of Starlings to name a few. None of which are the BIGGEST BIRD I'VE EVER SEEN....Seen...seen....seen....
Next up.... Fox Island.
Nice day for some hikin'. Pretty quiet, bird wise. Until the BIGGEST BIRD I'VE EVER SEEN....Seen...seen...seen.... showed up. But before that we saw a very cooperative White-throated Sparrow and managed to get a couple good pictures. See.....

Anyway.....Some nice hiking and gettin' out of doors to enjoy this great big beautiful world. When all of a sudden I hear something off in the distance. What is that? It looks HUGE. Oh, wait...... Thirsty dog.

Okay, I'm back. Where was I....... Oh yea.....I hear something coming up behind us. Then out of seemingly nowhere it showed up. The BIGGEST BIRD I'VE EVER SEEN....Seen....seen...seen. And I was lucky enough to get a picture of it. I have no idea what kind of bird it could be so if anybody can help me identify it, I would greatly appreciate it. Well, here it is........

I can make out a bunch of field marks, but can't find it anywhere in the field guides. Thanks for your help in advance. Until next time, Choo choo ca chew.

P Dubbin'

Monday, March 2, 2009

Late Night Birdwatching with Conan

Birdwatching in Central Park
Stumbled upon this in another blog and thought I would share it here. Enjoy.
Good Day.
P Dub