Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where you been?????

I think we've been over this before in some previous posts. Yep......I'm lazy. Anyway, since the last post the new year has started out alright enough. I did have shoulder surgery a few weeks ago. They had to surgically release a frozen shoulder. It was the worst the doc has seen. I was in really good hands. My doctor did a fellowship with Dr. James Andrews. You know, the doctor all the pro athletes go to when they have shoulder injuries. All is going well. The rehab is the killer part. I've got six more weeks of those guys beating me up. Thank goodness for pain killers. We have gone out hiking a little bit this year already. We saw our first Barred Owl in the wild at Vandolah Nature Preserve in northern Allen County. Hiked THE Bicentennial Woods as well, but didn't see any new birds there. I have seen a bunch of Bald Eagles around lately. I travel around the area for my job, and this is the first year I've seen Bald Eagles. I've seen them about 3-4 different times. Seems like they are making a comeback. I received a Bird Cam for Christmas this year. Which is kind of a neat toy. I've set it up in the front yard a few times and then Jake and I see what we got. So far I've got a lot of pictures of squirrel butts. Which makes Jake crack up.

Synchronized Eating



Attack of the Squirrel!

I've also got a few pictures of Eastern Bluebirds which have been coming to the yard a lot lately.

They eat the "Bark Butter" I smear on the tree. It also brings in the White Breasted Nuthatches more than the suet cakes and we've seen a Brown Creeper too. The first time we've seen one of those in the yard. It also brings in a few unexpected animals.....

Bird Dog? and Kristel

Jake (under the cover of darkness)

Oh well, they got to eat too. Well, that is all for now. I'm so itchin' for spring. Got a lot of hiking/bird watchin' to do.