Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here kitty, kitty, kitty......

Hello you old broomsticks. Interesting happenings around the Dubs homestead. While scientifically observing the birds (saw a ruby crowned kinglet. Yea), we spotted a small, mostly white, somewhat hitlerish moustached, bird-cat.

Seemed a little straggly and really skittish. And, I guess, really cute according to Kristel. Really cute. Really. Cute. I'm not that fond of cats around the house due to their annoying little habit of killing the birds. House sparrows are fine, but the cats don't seem to care which ones they get. I didn't run this lil' feline off because someone would have kicked my butt. Ahem. Kristel. So, we watched it for a little bit to see what it would do. It did something I have never seen before. It went to the ground bird feeder and started to eat the birdseed. Wha?

Squirrels, raccoons, possums, and now cats!?!?! What other creatures do I have to watch devour the birdseed instead of the birds? A five year old kid???? Not yet anyway. Maybe a six year old kid. Who knows? Kind of wanted to kick a lil' kitten butt all over the yard, until this happened.....

YES!!!! That cat is cool. He or she, we aren't that close yet, can go mousing around here any day of the week. He/she got two of those lil' suckers in under 5 minutes and the bonus of all bonuses-ss is he/she went after one of those pesky squirrels too. Almost got it. Sweet. This mouse killin', squirrel chasin' kitty cat can pull up a lawn chair and chill out on the front porch all day long if it wants to. Now if it could just stay away from the seed, man. Kristel is feeding it cat food, so that might work. Although the cat food was out there the other night and it still ate some birdseed. Oh well, can't have everything. Look at that lil' sweetie!!!!!

That is all,


Monday, October 20, 2008


This afternoon Jacob dictated a story to me about 2 (or 3?) snakes. My mom (Peachie Pooh) came over to visit shortly after this dictation, and here is a summary of the conversation that ensued:

"Hey Jacob what's the coral snake's name?"

Jacob: (in a high pitched voice, holding a stuffed snake) "My name is Tommy"

(grabs stuffed gopher snake) "My name is Vark!"

Peachie: "Why Vark?"

Jacob: "Because he's brown, like a Vark!"

Me: (laughing) "What's a Vark Jake?"

Jake: (not laughing, asks me seriously) "What is it?"
What he's really saying is: "Duh, You're the adult. You should know these things."

A minute later Jacob is on the floor giggling playing with a stuffed squirrel and proclaims to Peachie Pooh: "Fire in the hole!" and toots (fluffs, passes gas, whatever) a resounding toot that could make a grown man jealous. This sort of behavior is frowned upon in our home (I had brothers who continually farted upon each other's heads, and I would like to keep such instances in the past). I tried not to laugh, but the fact that I had no idea where he learned "fire in the hole" with reference to flatulence, cracked me up all the more. The fact that I laughed means there are many more instances of "fire in the hole to come." AHHH! I'm doomed to relive my youth!

Another minute passes and Peachie Pooh asks Jake, "What's the squirrel's name?"
To which Jake responds emphatically, "His name is Nut-Eating Running Brown Thing."
Peachie Pooh: "Must be an Indian Name."

You hate to see that happen to Nut-Eating Running Brown Thing

Kristel Dub


One of our favorite places to hike. Didn't see a whole lot of birds, but enough. Found a flock of Cedar Waxwings. Didn't get any great pictures, but here is one anyway.

Spent about three hours here on the 12th. Quite a busy weekend on the trails. We usually don't see a bunch of people, but that day we saw more than usual. Probably due to the changing colors of the trees or maybe the annual pie eating contest. Who knows? I like pie. Pumpkin, Pecan, Dutch Apple. Mmmmmmm.......pie. I need pie.

That is all,

Phil Dub