Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ice Storm, Gingerbread Rorschach, ETC.

Hello again everybody. Things have been hoppin' around here. Leading off we have the

It hit on Friday the 19th and made for a wonderful day of work. I went on 5 service calls and 3 of which did not have power. Tough to work on a TV with no power. A lot of folks without power. The power company said about 80 to 90 thousand or so just in Allen County. We had a bunch of birds at the feeders the day after. Even an EASTERN BLUEBIRD.
Which is really, really odd. We never get bluebirds around here. Even when the weather is A-OK. It must have been hungry and probably cold. In fact, it was sooooooo cold (How cold was it?) My berries froze. Thank you, thank you very much. Try the veal.

In other news, Kristel and Jake made a gingerbread house. Jake basically did all of it with Kristel's help. He told her where to put the icing and he put the candy on it. But.......Hmmmm......Something looks a little odd. Don't you think?

What do you think? Leave your comments in the, well......comment section.
What else, what else? Update on the hitler kitty. We haven't seen it around for quite sometime. The last we saw it, it was limping away from the feeders. Probably not good news. Also in not good news, the snowy owl was hit by a snowy car and is no more. That is a lesson for you kids out there. Look both ways before chasing after voles across the street. In better news, we all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kristel on the 31st!!!!!!!! AND Happy wonderful first year of marriage on the 5th of January to Kristel as well. Thank you for putting up with all my crappy crap.
That is all,
P Dub

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Dubs said...

I like this blog P-dub, but I take no responsibility for that unfortunate drip.