Thursday, May 14, 2009

WHITE WINGED DOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody, would you look at what Jake saw in the yard before school today. He told Kristel that he saw a new dove. Kristel asked what it looked like. He said "It had white patches, no spots,.......a head, two eyes and a beak".

He was right.

We all saw it in the evening and got a chance to take some pictures. These guys are usually found in the southern states. I guess they are known to be way out of range in the spring time. says: "Although the White-winged Dove is most commonly found in Arizona and the southwest, its range is expanding nation-wide and into parts of Canada. " Of course that is what I just said.
P Dub


The Zen Birdfeeder said...

Hey, good find in Indiana. I'm not the biggest dove fan but this is still cool.

Dubs said...

Thanks. My son was really excited about the dove. He keeps asking where it is even though we "only" saw it for three days.